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Case Study


Showing exotic animals some love with a revamped brand and web experience.

  • UI/UX Design

From Iguanas at home to an alligator at the zoo, lovers of exotic animals look to Mazuri to provide best-in-class products for the animals they love and care for. We were tasked with helping modernize their shopping experience, but in the process, discovered an opportunity for the brand to better engage its audiences by tapping into the passion people have for these amazing animals.

An Improved Shopping Experience

We reorganized the site and shopping experience to create the pathways needed for a seamless and intuitive experience providing the user with the actions they want at the right time.

Creating Community

People have a passion for their animals and were in need of a place to gather with others who shared that passion. Through seamless integration of social media and thoughtful content strategy, Mazuri provides the opportunity for people to share their amazing stories about their amazing animals.

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