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Unlike a typical ad agency, we don’t try to solve our client’s needs by recycling old ideas or limiting ourselves to traditional communications. Instead, we look at our client’s problems with a fresh perspective and create new solutions that amplify their brand.

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Electric isn’t just a name.
It’s an ethos.

The name was inspired by a tribute concert for Bob Dylan and the moment when he made the famous transition from acoustic to electric. Simply playing an electric guitar changed the entire dynamic of everything he created moving forward. Like Dylan, we have gone electric. And now we’re focused on finding creative new ways for our clients to plug in and turn it up.

Our Approach

Strategic difference.

Amplification isn't all about being loud. Whispering the right words at the right moment to the right people can be just as powerful. It's really about dialing in all aspects of what you're trying to communicate so what's being heard has the largest possible impact. It's about all elements working in harmony. Connecting insight, message, execution and channel all into one unmistakable melody.

Are we taking this whole metaphor too far? Perhaps. But our point is to make your message resonate with the right people at the right time. Although, there's also nothing wrong with turning the volume to 11 and letting it rip.

Leadership team

Tony Lintner

Founder / CEO

Tony says there’s something about the evolution of Electric that’s different from the other agencies he’s worked at. His goal is to help build an agency that’s fun to work at and creates amazing work no matter the project.

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Paige Epsky

Director of Account Services

Paige leads with positivity and is driven to bring our client’s goals to the forefront through building strong marketing strategies rooted in creative while having a deep understanding of our client’s services and products. She’s a big believer in building genuine, authentic relationships while ensuring the creative work rings true to those same values.

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Brian Ritchie

Executive Creative Director

Brian has never let the size of a project limit his creativity. All it takes is the right idea at the right time to the right people and amazing things can happen.

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Erik Kvålseth

Senior Copywriter

Erik has spent more than 20 years staring at computer screens, drinking coffee and coming up with breakthrough ideas for a wide range of clients. He has experience in traditional, digital and emerging media and also teaches Creative Strategy and Concept Development at the University of Minnesota.

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AJ Weydt

Senior UX/UI Designer

AJ has spent the last decade honing his skills as a UX/UI designer and specializes in creative and product strategy. Prior to his work in digital media, AJ worked extensively in traditional media and is known for his ability to seamlessly integrate strategic branding work into immersive digital experiences. His unique approach has helped build successful websites and products for a wide variety of clients from brand new startups to established fortune 500 companies.

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Core capabilities

This list covers our greatest hits. If you’re looking for something new, don’t let the classics stop you from asking us to plug in and play something new.







UI/UX Design





Our Clients

We like to work with clients who are tired of the same old song and dance and want to try something new. Something that pushes them. Makes them a little nervous. Clients who are willing to step up, plug in and have fun doing it.

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