LeaderOne Financial identified 400 potential employee recruit's and provided their emails for outreach. We developed 2, 2 min, 8, 30 sec, and 8, 15 sec videos with digital ads that highlighted the many benefits of working at LeaderOne, using real employee stories. The creative is a reflection of how working at LeaderOne is a dream, and when they have a dream, it's on.

LeaderOne. Dream. On.

Phase 1: Dream. On.

LeaderOne has asked Electric to develop a creative concept that articulates and brings to life their company’s philosophy.

Phase 1: Dream. On. - Ryan Sutton

Ryan Sutton - I have my work family and my actual family – and now I have the freedom and support to help them all thrive.

Phase 1: Dream. On. - Scott Evans

Scott Evans - When I was first learning about LeaderOne, one of the things I respected the most was how intentional they were about taking the very best care of their clients.

Phase 1: Dream. On. - Norbert Gyrofi

Norbert Gyrofi - LeaderOne continues to thrive because we are committed to service, and it starts at the top.

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